Players' TestimonialsRESEARCHER

Working with a team who cooperated was great. The script also extremely useful and helped the process.

I enjoyed doing it and debating for our team (geography). It felt real, as though I were an actual researcher.

I was happy when the judges gave us the $40,000 to go ahead with our research. The research that went into the game was educational and fun to do. I would do it again.

I found the game a great way to start this class. I think it was a different and helpful way to get to know our classmates and it was a different way of doing an oral presentation by including roles such as judges. I learned more on the basics of starting a proper research of articles on academic websites.


The notable aspect about this game was the fact it walked a fine line between fun and education. The education aspect did not feel forced, which is a good thing because it would have lost my attention as a judge.

Being a judge in this funding competition was absolutely amazing. Because I am a commerce student, the business and decision-making aspects of it really appealed to me.


The experience that you get from this game is useful for the real world.

The game lets you experience what the real world is like when you’re a researcher, a judge, a journal reporter or the general public. It is a lot more exciting because you get to act out a role compared to just doing a regular lab or writing an essay.

General Public

I honestly really enjoyed it! It was a different way of looking at things and learning with a more hands-on technique! I would really enjoy doing it again.

Fantastic way to start off the year! I learned a lot about general public perspectives on how to combat racism. I had fun trying to stay in character – to not think like a social science college student.


The game is an interesting teaching tool, seeing as how the involvement of the class and the active participation entices the students to learn and engage in the project, as opposed to simply listening, reading or writing. As Benjamin Franklin once said Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

I had never taught the course before. The Game materials supported me immensely and helped me to get the course off to a flying start. Their reflections demonstrated they were grasping the contested nature of how social science research is produced. The students felt energized and excited about upcoming learning activities.