What is it?

The Fund$ Game is a gentle initiation to how research is conducted. The activity takes place as an in-class role-play simulation of a research grant event facilitated and evaluated by a teacher. This section contains everything the teachers and students need to play the FUND$ GAME.

  • Teams representing researchers in different social science disciplines prepare and present research proposals on an assigned topic.
  • The social science teams enter a competition, hosted and adjudicated by judges representing the Research Council, to receive the funds needed to complete their proposed research projects.
  • The general public and journalists ensure that the researchers and judges uphold community standards and bear public scrutiny. 


  • Researchers compete to win funding for their Research Proposal.
  • Judges establish and apply criteria for distributing funding to researchers.
  • Journalists compile a news report of the competition.
  • General Public delivers speeches and critiques the judges’ funding decisions.
  • Teachers facilitates the competition and evaluates learning.