Your Mission: Be the eyes and ears of the public and cover the Fund$ Game in a news article.


  • This form is designed to prepare you for the GAME PLAY.
  • Preview the Fund$ Game material before beginning this Script Form.
  • Each Player is expected to complete a Script Form before the GAME PLAY.
  • You are not “in character” while filling out this form.
  • Much of the first half of the form should contain your own individual responses, with the obvious exception being the parts where you are creating the joint news article.
  • Fill in the fields wherever you see the empty bullet symbol :
  • Your teacher may provide more specific instructions on which fields to complete and how.
  • To print the entire content of this script at once, please click on the PRINTER icon on this page.


What is your name?


What is the name of the other journalist?


What is the assigned topic for the GAME?