Research Director Checklist

Check off items that are clearly completed

  • I have reviewed the Contest rules, regulations and scripts.
  • I consulted our college ethics rules, procedures and policies, especially regarding student research.
  • I have completed the ethics course.
  • I have worked with the student Contestant on the Research Proposal and we have discussed the ethical implications of going forward with the plan.
  • The Contestant’s proposal meets the document specifications (word count range, font style, component parts) outlined in the Call for Contestant Entry Form.
  • The Contestant seems to have considered the basic guidelines for writing a literature review (consulted the CONFETTI WAY tool).
  • The Contestant seems to have considered study design options (consulted the DECISION CIRCUIT tool).
  • The proposed research meets ethical requirements.
  • The study design is feasible for a full-time college student.
  • I have reviewed the proposal and assisted the Contestant with the letter of intention.
  • The proposal document is properly named and formatted for delivery.
  • I agreed to sponsor and have signed the Sponsor field in the Contestant Entry Form.