Step 1


Sketch a character profile of a member of the General Public. Feel free to openly discuss your considerations with the other member of the General Public. You could opt to assume complementary roles or be altogether unique individuals.

What are the background characteristics of your character?

  1. Live: City/town of residence…?
  2. Occupation?
  3. Family status: single, with children, spouse, widowed…?
  4. Activities: political, leisure…?
  5. Education?

What do you want your character to look like? 

  1. Visible minority?
  2. Young, middle-aged, senior?
  3. Dressed casually, uniformed, formally attired, outfitted in a particular style?


Roughly sketch or find an image of a character that best fits your character preferences. Place it in the box below.








What are some characteristics of speech that you would like to employ?

  1. Tone of voice: conversational, abrasive, respectful, candid, humorous, serious…?
  2. Vocabulary: formal, informal, colloquial?
  3. Accent or particular speech pattern?

Contrive a few anecdotal accounts relative to the topic and reflective of the character features you have defined. 

  1. What did your character just read about in the newspaper with regard to the assigned topic?
  2. What eventful thing recently happened to one of the character’s close friends that has a bearing on the topic?
  3. What does your character hear in the streets about research work on the topic?