Step 2


  • View the main touchpoints of the website material under the Fund$ Game section, especially the other Scripts.
  • Refer to the Setting Assignment Parameters to help you devise your own assignment instructions.
  • See the Sample Assignment Instructions and Evaluation Grids for guidance.
  • If you want the players to take the preparatory work seriously, be sure to assign a grade value to the completion of the role-specific SCRIPT FORMS. These take three to five hours to complete (see class/lab/homework weighting in their scripts).
  • Consider how and when players will need access to various parts of the website material.
  • Complete the assignment instructions and deliver them to the students as soon as you determine a start date. Most teachers deliver instructions and assign roles on the first scheduled day of classes; some wait a while.
  • Decide what materials and equipment you may need to order in advance for the GAME PLAY. Refer to the Materials and Templates for the menu of GAME PLAY paraphernalia.


  1. Carefully review the completed assignment instructions with the students during lab or class time.
  2. Navigate through the main touchpoints of the Fund$ Game material to ensure they understand the connection between your assignment instructions and the website material.
  3. Explain how the students will be expected to behave and speak in ways befitting their respective roles:
    1. During class or lab time, discuss the Fund$ Game Code of Conduct as a way to introduce them to forms of professional standards of behaviour.
    2. Authenticate the experience by explaining that you will incorporate name placards, gavel, currency…