Step 4


Read the Sample Research Proposal on your own and identify three features that you believe should be subjected to scrutiny. In other words, what aspects of the proposal stand out as elements that should be evaluated by you, the judges?


What is your assigned topic for the FUND$ GAME?

Consult a specialized social science encyclopedia in your college library’s e-book collection, book stacks or database. Search for an entry/article on the assigned topic.

The length of these entries ranges between 1 to 5 pages. Aim for an entry that provides an overview of the research and the disciplines or fields involved. Popular encyclopaedias such as Britannica or Wikipedia are not appropriate as there is no guarantee that the authors are qualified specialists in the field. For instance, The International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences is a 26-volume specialized encyclopedia that is available in most academic libraries. You may require the teacher’s guidance for this item.

Take note of the following:

  1. Title of encyclopedia (publication title)
  2. Editor(s)
  3. Volume number (where applicable)
  4. Page numbers
  5. Title of entry in encyclopedia
  6. Author(s) (usually found at beginning or at end of specific article/entry)
  7. List three elements of the entry that help you to understand the research on the topic:
  8. Find an excerpt that concisely describes the research on the topic, then copy-paste the quote within the parentheses 




    Page number: