Step 4


  • Review the PREPARATION stage in each of the four scripts to ensure that each group is advancing in tandem. The players are required to search for a variety of source information. They will need some instructional guidance for these searches.
  • Bear in mind that the Researchers and General Public have a heavier load at the beginning, while the Journalists and Judges have their work spread out over a lengthier period.


Deliver a brief instructional session* on the following:

  • Searches for discipline-based research sources.
  • Value of overview material for researching a topic. This is especially useful since most of the scripts require them to consult a specialized social science encyclopaedia entry on the assigned topic.
  • Online searches.
  • Differences between popular and scholarly sources.

Manage their Script Form work as follows

  • Confer with each group and ask to see their Script Forms to see how they are doing with the PREPARATION stage.
  • Provide a friendly reminder that even though they are working collaboratively, much of the Script Form is individual work.
  • Make sure that the Judges communicate their judging criteria to all participants by no later than five or six days after the roles are assigned.
  • Spend a bit of time coaching the Judges on how to run a meeting: how to be organized, fair, on track and directive during the GAME PLAY.

*You could arrange in advance to have all or part of the instructional session delivered by library staff, if available. This is highly recommended for teachers new to teaching and to the library’s resources.