Step 5


  • Schedule some time to review the materials for the DECISION CIRCUIT before the players start using it in earnest.
  • The DC consists of three decision boards that are clustered around a series of method questions, with choices offered under each question. A glossary of terms is available.
  • The Researchers will use it to design the Method Plan component of the Research Proposal Template as explained in their Script Forms. The other players will need to understand its logic and vocabulary.


  • Since the Researchers will use the DECISION CIRCUIT as a template to construct their research proposals, you should take some time to navigate through this material with them, explaining the main touchpoints.
  • Schedule some class or lab time for Decision Circuit work as it is best done when the discipline teams can work on it collaboratively.
  • Arrange to give the players access to the necessary website material.
  • Encourage the other players to spend some time examining the DECISION CIRCUIT as well.
  • Show and discuss the video Plan Your Research the Decision Circuit Way and the Decision Circuit In Use podcast.