Step 6


  • In advance, take a look at the Agenda and carefully plot out the time required to run the game. With a full retinue of disciplines presenting and a time limit of five minutes per team, you require approximately two hours. This can be split up into two or more sessions or run during a single, lengthy class.
  • Reserve 15 minutes at the beginning and 15 minutes at the end for briefing, arranging the classroom and de-briefing. All players are asked to help with set-up and re-set, especially the Judges. If you are running a one-session show, then you need a 15-minute break at the end of the presentations for the Judges to finalize their decisions. Otherwise, you fade into the background during the GAME PLAY.


  • Once the room is set up, make a few pre-game announcements: remind everyone again of the Fund$ Game Code of Conduct, assignment requirements such as taking notes during presentations, the agenda for the day and the fact that the Judges will be in charge and that the Players can only leave or attend to non-game matters during the scheduled break.
  • Turn over control of the class to the Judges and let the game begin. Sit in an inconspicuous location. Do not encourage the presenters to establish eye contact with you during presentations. Also, resist answering questions by individuals during the GAME PLAY.
  • Intervene only if there are serious breaches in the Fund$ Game Code of Conduct or something out of the ordinary occurs (e.g., a student develops a bloody nose). If the Judges have difficulty controlling the class or staying on track, discreetly request they address the problem at hand. One effective option is to communicate with the Judges by text message during the GAME PLAY.