Step 8


Ask to see each of the Research Scholar Script Forms to verify that the research plans are moving forward at around the same pace. Spend time with those whose forms are sketchy or incomplete.

Convene informal panel sessions to present and review the research plans. The hope is that by coaxing Research Scholars to openly discuss their Decision Circuit plans, they will firm up and formalize their ideas. The cross-fertilization of ideas will provide the peers with a chance to provide feedback and support. Weak choices or poorly formulated justifications can be picked over before the plans are written up formally.

  • The panel sessions should consist of around four to five students and can be discipline-based or multidisciplinary, depending on your goals.
  • Begin with brief descriptions of Decision Circuit decisions and then open the panel for discussion.
  • Choose a moderator for each panel.
  • Consider asking the panellists to present two plans – Plan A and Plan B. The relative merits of Plan A and Plan B can be weighed and even voted on by the fellow panellists.