Step 8


  1. Hold a practice run either during class/lab time or on your own.
  2. Discuss what needs to be improved.
  3. Test your time to ensure you are within the time frame set by the judges/teacher.
  4. Complete the Presentation Checklist below.
  5. If two or more of the items on the Checklist are not in order, please indicate here in point form what you plan to do as an individual to address this.

Presentation checklist

Place a check mark beside items that are in order.

  • In case a member is absent for the actual GAME PLAY, each team member has a hard paper copy of the completed Cue Card Sheet Template and can present the material of the other members with no problem.
  • Each team member has practised the portion of the presentation they are responsible for and is prepared for the presentation.
  • The practice run lasted for the required 5 minutes or as otherwise specified by the teacher.
  • Each team member has contributed in a timely fashion.
  • The presentation clearly shows the importance and value of the discipline.
  • The research question puts the proposal in a solid research context.
  • The research method and sampling plan will provide appropriate data to address the research question.
  • Proper scientific names have been used to identify the research method and sampling plan.
  • We have provided a clear and concrete sense of how we will make sense of the data.
  • The proposal complies with the ethical rights of the research subjects and the protection of the vulnerable.
  • The budget and timetable are fair and accurate appraisals of the costs and time involved.
  • The closing statement provides clear reminders of why this proposal by this discipline deserves the required funding support.