Teacher / Staff / Administrator Judge Application Form


  • Be a current or retired teacher, staff or administrator at a CEGEP in Québec.
  • Submit a completed Application Form with all fields of information completed by the deadline:
    • Contact information
    • 100-word statement of intent
    • Signed agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct
    • Proof of having obtained the Ethics Certificate of Completion


  • The applicants must complete the Ethics Certificate of Completion Course on Research Ethics (CORE), an 8-module, self-paced TCPS 2 Tutorial
  • The applicants will be informed by the Lead Research Director whether they are accepted to the Board.
  • Judging is volunteer work, without financial compensation.
  • Student volunteer hours devoted to judging in this science-oriented activity fulfills the MELS criteria for “engagement contributif,” in scientific activities that are certified by the various Student Involvement Recognition programs in the CÉGEP network.
  • Meeting times and frequency will be determined by the Judges as a group.


Judges embody professional authority at its highest level, and as such, the Judges should be objective, respectful and fair in rendering decisions about the Contestants’ work.

The Judges agree to:

  1. Treat each Contestant and Research Proposal in a fair, impartial, open and honest manner.
  2. Create an amiable work environment.
  3. Render judgments in a timely fashion, based on an objective set of evaluation criteria without prejudice as to the gender, institutional affiliation or topic choice of the Contestants.
  4. Refrain from publicizing or publically discussing the deliberations. Discretion and confidentiality about the Contestants are required.
  5. Return or delete the Research Proposals at the close of the proceedings.
  6. Refuse offers of gifts or favours from Contestants or others.
  7. Request removal from judging when privileged information, such as the identity of a Contestant, may compromise the impartiality and independence of a decision.
  8. Refrain from coaching or advising a student Contestant.
  9. Not serve concurrently as Sponsors or Contestants.

Failure to abide by this Code may lead to disqualification from the Contest.


I, ____________________________ [please print], hereby declare that

  • I have read and understood the Code of Conduct for Judges in this Contest. I agree to adhere to the principles and values expressed in the Code and will, to the best of my abilities, assume the duties and obligations implied therein.
  • I have successfully obtained the Ethics Certificate of Completion “Course on Research Ethics (CORE),” the eight-module, self-paced TCPS 2 Tutorial.

Signature: __________________________________

Date of signature: ______________________________


Check whichever option applies:

  •    Teacher
  •     Staff
  •     Administrator

If you are a teacher, are you sponsoring a Contest applicant?

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  •     No

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Please also include a STATEMENT OF INTENT (100-word account of reason for applying).